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A Professional Contingent Based Healthcare Talent Recruitment Firm

We specialize in the permanent placement of Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Physicians, and Managed Care Professionals. Our partners consist of Hospitals, Managed Care Companies, Long Term Care, Home Health, Hospice, Physician Groups, Third Party Administrators, Insurance, and Clinical Specialty Providers. By specializing, we become experts in our field and can truly understand the cultures and needs that our partners have.

Healthcare Quality, Accreditation, and Reputation.

Healthcare providers are measured by the quality of the service provided, outcomes, and costs associated with care. It is important that your sourcing partner understands the importance of how the quality of the healthcare provided impacts the measures and reputation to your practice, hospital, or organization. The quality of the healthcare provided by your talent and attitudes of your employee's play a big role in your quality scores and ultimately the success of your organization. Our specialization gives us the understanding needed to ensure the talent that is sourced have the same goals and quality standards you demand. Quality begins and ends with the expertise and attitudes of the healthcare professionals taking care of your patients.

Before starting any search we make sure we completely understand our partners needs, culture, and future goals.

There are too many recruiting firms that believe they know what their partner is looking for based on a Job Description, Salary, and Benefits. Most positions today do not fit solely within any job description. Every hiring manager has a specific need not based on the job function alone; but based on personality, skills, critical thinking, willingness to go beyond a job description, willingness to learn, lead, and adapt.

Talented individuals are not interested in money alone. When we partner with any firm we make sure that we know everything our partner has to offer. The position that is offered is a combination of the salary, benefits, opportunity, work environment, whom the candidate will be working with, and the quality of experience gained in the position. Ultimately, care givers want to have a chance to make a difference and be recognized for their accomplishments.

We are here to find that missing  piece of the puzzle.

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